Saturday, July 5, 2014

RealFlow My First Test :)

It has been a while since I've post any thing here or should I say this is my first post =D

As the title say this is my first test with ( Real Flow ) a great  software to simulate all kind of fluid in addition to rigid body and soft body simulation , this test start with playing around with the Viscosity parameter to go from water oil fluid to thick heavy liquid .

Here is a snap shot for the setup in real flow where 
I've increased  resolution for the Emitter to 30 and for  Viscosity to 100 to give the liquid that thick behavior.

For the speed parameter I've  just added some keys to add  variation to the amount  and to stop the emitter at certain point  , here is the curve editor showing the  curve for the speed :

To make the simulation more stable and to avoid that little particles that could fly around :)
I cranked up the MIN and MAX substeps in Simulation Option :

For the mesh I've decreased the polygon size to 0.02 to keep the mesh smooth .

  a I've added Gravity Daemon of course then  linked the emitter to a null to make it easier to animate .

then Simulate !!!

When the simulation finished I've  import the mesh into 3ds Max to add lights and shader then I did  the render with V-Ray of course .

 Here is the shader sitting for the liquid  it is pretty simple as you can see

And here is the raw render before  going to After Effect for the compositing 

Here is  a snap shot for the compositiing work

And here the final image

And here is the final video

Hope u like it .

Best Regards,

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Here in this blog I'm going to share every thing related to CG stuff ,but before that i should introduce my self I guess^^.
 My name is Nawras Ryhan I'am 22 years old  and I live in the CG world .
I'm working as a 3D artist in the architectural field  and I mainly use 3ds Max,Cad,PS and AE in my daily work .
I hope this blog to be usefull and thanx for stopping by !!